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Excavation Trucks in Portland, PA

Does your company need excavation trucks for a worksite? 
At Tellus Underground Technology, Inc, we have powerful, lightweight, safe, low-maintenance air or water vacuum excavation truck systems in Portland, PA. All Tellus vacuum excavation trucks employ proprietary technology that allows the operator to excavate with either high-pressure water or compressed air. Our revolutionary technology prevents water and soil from building a non-porous dirt cake on the filter's surface. Operators no longer need to be concerned about selecting the type of system that will work best in each particular job site's soil conditions. 

Benefits of using our excavation trucks: 

Our trucks ensure seamless operation and safety on the worksite. When you have an upcoming project, it's important to use safe and effective machinery. Excavation trucks come with a wide range of benefits and advantages, and we list them below.

  • Precision and safety on the worksite

  • Lowers risk for workers throughout the project

  • Better for the environment and less disruption 

  • Increases efficiency on the worksite 

  • Safer for utility lines

  • Effectively clears drains

Excavating comes with risks, so it's essential to have safe and effective equipment. Our staff is dedicated to making contracting jobs more accessible, safer, and more efficient with our solutions.  We are committed to serving contractors and businesses with the highest customer service level. The Tellus Underground Technology team can address any questions you may have so you can accomplish your projects with confidence. Contact Tellus Underground Technology to learn more about how our vacuum excavating trucks and solutions can improve your work operations.



Powerful lightweight designs with

4-wheel drive capabilities.


We have more than 25 years of experience in the design of tooling and processes for the gas distribution utility industry.



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