Rethink How You Perform Your Underground Utilities Locating Services

Cost effectiveness in the performance of utility locating projects is not achieved by using the biggest equipment. It is achieved by performing the work using trained professionals that are using thoughtfully designed equipment.

Why Locating Underground Utilities is Important

Locating underground utilities is a problem that affects nearly all construction workers and excavators when performing their work. Cities are chock full of telephone wires, power and fibre optic cables, gas and water mains, sewer pipes and waste water drains and more, some even dating back to the 19th century. Locating all these different utilities is a confusing process even for the most experienced excavators and is best left to a company that has expertise in the utility locating service. Keyhole technology allows crews to more easily inspect underground utilities and pipelines without tearing up the ground or excessive digging.

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We have more than 25 years of experience in the design of tooling and processes for the gas distribution utility industry.

Utility keyhole technology
Vacuum excavation trucks with 4-wheel drive for sale