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Rethink the way you maintain and locate underground utilities.

Cost effectiveness in the performance of utility locating projects is not achieved by using the biggest equipment.  It is achieved by performing the work using trained professionals that are using our thoughtfully designed underground utility equipment - vacuum excavation for sale.



All Tellus vacuum excavation trucks employ proprietary technology that gives the operator the ability to excavate with either high-pressure water or compressed air. This is not a traditional washable filter that will slowly reduce vacuum flow to a level that will force you to shut down. This is a revolutionary technology that prevents water and soil from building a non-porous dirt cake on the surface of the filter. Operators no longer need to be concerned about selecting the type of system that will work best in the soil conditions at each particular job site.  They now have the prerogative to make decisions based upon the type of excavating that will be the most cost effective and safest for the conditions at hand.     


Conventional filters restrict vacuum flow as they become loaded with dirt and must be removed from the system to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep the vacuum system flowing at an acceptable level. It may be a day or a week but all conventional filters will blind off to a point where excavating must stop and the filter must be cleaned. With the Tellus system the operator never sees a reduction in performance from one day to the next. The vacuum excavation system will operate at the same high level of performance day after day for a minimum of one year. 


Have Tellus put together a system configuration that is designed to meet your specific operating requirements. We are sure you will be surprised at the purchase cost for a water or air vacuum excavation system that is engineered to deliver capabilities that you never imagined possible. It’s not always the biggest vacuum excavation truck that can get the job done at the lowest cost; it’s all about having the most cost effective equipment to do the job. We are sure that you will not only be surprised by the purchase price of a fully capable system but you will be shocked by the every-day fuel efficiency you will realize when you own one of these intelligently designed systems.  

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