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Tellus trailer mounted vacuum excavation truck system

Tellus model number: TUT-6500



Class 6 (Ford F650 or International 4300 or Equivalent) 

GVWR maximum 26,000 lbs

Final TEIR 4 Engine

Automatic transmission


Vacuum System Engine: 


John Deere 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine

Maximum Torque:  218 lbs.-ft. @ 1400 RPM

Engine Cooling:  Integrated liquid cooling system

Emissions standard: “Interim TEIR 4”

Power transmission: Electric clutches to direct belt drives


Compressed Air System:   

Rotary screw compressor

Operating pressure: 150 PSIG (200 PSIG Optional)

Flow rate @ std. operating pressure:  175 CFM

Filtered & Lubricated 100 PSIG for Pneumatic Tools



Vacuum System:    


Rotary lobe blower

Maximum flow rate:  1,200 SCFM

Maximum vacuum:  20” Hg.

Operating vacuum:  15” Hg.

Digging Hose Size: 4” 

High Pressure Water:  


Plunger type high pressure water pump

Maximum flow rate: 4.0 GPM (U.S.)

Standard operating pressure:  1500 PSIG

Maximum operating pressure: 4,000 PSIG

Filtration System: 

Pulse type self-cleaning 1 micron cartridge filter 

Proprietary system never requires cleaning

Maximum flow rate:  1,100 SCFM

Maximum vacuum:  22” Hg.




Integral System Fuel Tank:    

Diesel fuel only, 58 gal. Capacity (with gauge)

Electrical System:        


12 volt DC (120 Volt, 5500 Watt Optional)

Murphy Safety System:


Automatic shut-down for:  

  • Low engine oil pressure

  • High engine coolant temp.

  • High compressor oil temp.

  • High compressor air pressure

Modes of Operation:       


Mode #1:  Equipped with a holding tank 

Mode #2:  Remote excavating up to 200 feet from unit 

Spoils tanks:          


300 gallon tank with hydraulic hoist

350 gallon tank with hydraulic hoist (optional)


Standard equipment: 


Cross-body tool box 36” x 18” x 84” long w/3 compartments

(4) Under-deck lockable tool boxes 36” x 18” x 18”deep



Optional Equipment:   


Heated water system to prevent freezing.

Hose support extension arm (to support digging hose)

Heated spoils tank for operating conditions below 30 degrees F

Automatic Dump Valve to permit digging 200 ft. from unit             


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