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How Do Vacuum Excavators Help?

Have you worked in the construction industry or visited a construction site? You’ve probably come across a vacuum excavator if you answered yes.

Vacuum excavators are very versatile equipment with uses that extend far beyond the construction industry.

But what exactly do vacuum excavators do, how can they help you, and when should you use one? Find out below!

The Problem

Your construction company has been hired for an infrastructure installation job that involves digging up the soil.

Excavation is a very tricky task. You’ve been trying to get a clean dig but can’t because you keep seeing loose soil particles, debris, and detritus.

The project is stalling as a result, and you must get a solution fast to save cost, time, and reputation.

You thought of sending in your team with a spade, shovel, mattock, and other manual tools, but the risks are great. They could unknowingly nick a hidden utility, causing outages, critical injuries, high cost of repair and fine, and even death.

That’s where a vacuum excavator comes in.

Vacuum Excavator to the Rescue

Using high-pressure water or compressed air, a vacuum excavator can penetrate and break up the soil and then remove all the slurry into the tank.

The result is a clean, sturdy hole created with a lesser mess, no injuries, in lesser time, and without cutting into any underground utility. These, and the many benefits vacuum excavators offer, are why they are sought-after and widely used for projects across various sectors.

When Should You Use a Vacuum Excavator?

Here are some reasons that call for a vacuum excavator.

  • Easy location and prevention of accidental damage to underground gas, sewer, telecom, fiber, electric, and water utilities.

  • Digging of tunnels and shafts in difficult-to-reach locations and areas with hazardous materials.

  • Faster and accurate sucking up of soil and debris with minimal damage to the excavation area ensures all loose materials are removed.

  • Removal of waste into the tank eliminates exposure of site workers to contaminants, ensuring a safer work environment.

Benefits You Get from Using a Vacuum Excavator

The superiority of vacuum excavators is without question. They are safer, faster, more effective, and more reliable than crawler excavators and manual excavation.

They are also incredibly versatile and able to tackle various challenges across various industries. For an excavator that saves cost, keeps you and your team safe, and ensures project schedules are met, the vacuum excavator is your best bet.

Tellus Underground’s range of wet and dry excavation systems offers all of the above and more. Connect with us today to access all of these benefits.


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