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Meeting the Rising Demand for Vacuum Excavators in Utility Work

In an online survey of over 1000 active diggers in the US, The Common Ground Alliance estimates that 88% have undergone excavation projects and operations. From these, the damages wreaked on underground utility infrastructure, buried water pipes, fiber optic cables, gas lines, and sewer pipes cost about $30 billion annually.

Utility maintenance companies have come to understand the need for safe digging practices. Companies like Tellus Underground are making it easier to dig up submerged or buried utilities like cables or pipes without posing any risk of damage to the utility. This is effective for easy maintenance and reduces the cost of destructive digging methods.

Do you have the right tools for the job?

The choice of excavator depends on several factors, including the conditions for the excavation, the quantity of materials you need to excavate, whether the excavation site is narrow or wide, and others.

Soil conditions also play a massive role in the choice of vacuum excavators. For soft soil, an air excavator is ideal, and for hard, rocky sites, the best excavator to use is the hydro excavator. It’s also crucial to factor in how long the excavation will take. For instance, If you’re excavating for an extended period, you’ll need a large vacuum with a large tank.

Whatever your project needs, Tellus Underground offers a wide range of trucks designed to meet your operating requirements.

The future of the vacuum excavators

The vacuum excavation industry has seen massive growth over the last few years with constant innovations in equipment capabilities.

Newer models of excavators are becoming more powerful, digging faster and more efficiently while ensuring worksite safety. Pumps are also more efficient, using less power, and saving money on energy costs.

But utility companies and contractors expect even more, all in a bid for faster, easier, noiseless, and more efficient excavation that increases their bottom line.

We predict that the market will grow even more in the coming years as the need for growth, innovations, and developments rises.

Listening to customers’ concerns

Thankfully, with the innovative wet and dry vacuum excavation systems, Tellus Underground is already rising to the occasion.

We’ve engineered our filtration systems to require zero maintenance. This is key because regular filters clog vacuum flow with dirt overloads. As a result, they need regular cleaning to maintain the flow in the vacuum system to an acceptable level. With our unique approach, our vacuum excavators can operate at the same efficient level daily for at least one year before requiring maintenance.

Finding buried utilities can be challenging for even the most experienced excavators. With our range of excavation systems, this complexity is eliminated. They are equipped with digging and keyhole technology, enabling crews to quickly locate utilities without excessive digging, massively saving time.

In addition, our dry and wet vacuum excavation systems use proprietary innovation to enable operators to conduct excavations with compressed air and high-pressure water.

And unlike traditional fillers that gradually reduce the vacuum flow rate, our revolutionary technology prevents soil and water from forming hardened, non-porous layers on filter surfaces.


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