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Vacuum Excavation Services in Portland, PA

Located in Portland, PA, Tellus Underground Technology serves North Eastern United States with high-quality vacuum excavating systems. We are committed to the highest level of service and adhere to safety standards. All Tellus vacuum excavation trucks employ advanced technology that gives the operator the ability to excavate with either high-pressure water or compressed air. The Tellus Underground Technology team is dedicated to serving contractors and businesses with the highest customer service level.
Excavating comes with various challenges and risks. We are committed to making contracting jobs more efficient with our services. Contact Tellus Underground Technology in Portland, PA, for more information about how our vacuum excavating solutions can improve your work operations.

Advantages of vacuum excavation

As vacuum excavation services are used for various purposes, it comes with a wide range of benefits. Vacuum excavation can be used to verify underground utilities, excavate plumbing pipes and sewer lines, and more. Vacuum excavation makes environmental processes easier and can ensure the job site is safe. Below are the other advantages of using vacuum excavation. 

Advanced Technology

Over time, systems continually advance and improve as we develop better technology for job sites. Vacuum excavation is way more high performing than the traditional methods, which helps make processes more efficient. This system is safer and much more efficient, making jobs seamless. Vacuum excavation also requires less labor involvement. With this technology, jobs are more accurate, precise, and timely. 

Minimum Damage to
Underground Fixtures

A key benefit of vacuum excavation is that it leads to a minimum interruption on the job site. Many underground fixtures are at risk, but with vacuum excavation, there is less chance that water lines, cable lines, and other fixtures are not harmed. During the process, no moving parts make contact with the underground utilities, making it safer. With this approach, vacuum excavation results in minimum or almost no damage to underground fixtures.


As vacuum excavation uses more advanced technology than traditional measures, the job takes less time, saving money in the long run. Vacuum excavation services provide an accurate and precise outcome, reducing any damage to surrounding utilities and fixtures. With minimum damage to the environment and a quick procedure, there are fewer chances of incurring additional costs.


Powerful lightweight designs with

4-wheel drive capabilities.


We have more than 25 years of experience in the design of tooling and processes for the gas distribution utility industry.



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