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Vacuum Excavation Trucks in Portland, PA

Do you need vacuum excavation trucks for an upcoming project? 
Located in Portland, PA, Tellus Underground Technology serves North Eastern United States with high-quality vacuum excavating systems. We are dedicated to the highest level of service and adhere to safety standards. Our vacuum excavation trucks have the latest and advanced technology to make the project efficient. All Tellus vacuum excavation trucks employ advanced technology that gives the operator the ability to excavate with either high-pressure water or compressed air. 
The Tellus Underground Technology team is dedicated to serving contractors and businesses with the highest customer service level.
Excavating comes with various challenges and risks. Our excavation trucks ensure that the digging process is safe, clean, and productive. We are committed to making contracting jobs more efficient with our services. Contact Tellus Underground Technology in Portland, PA, for more information about how our vacuum excavating solutions can improve your work operations.

Minimum damage to
underground fixtures

Vacuum excavation provides one of the best benefits, as it usually offers minimal disruption. Because of its design, it does not cause any injury to underground fixtures such as cable lines, sewage pipes, and more. With vacuum excavation, the truck is parked away from the excavation area, making it more of a seamless transition. 


Advanced worksite technology

One of the key things to know about vacuum excavation is that it is way more modern than traditional digging methods. Through this technology, the job is more efficient and safe, making for fewer issues or setbacks. 

Cleaner work site

Vacuum Excavation trucks offer a precise, seamless experience, making for a better work environment. These types of trucks are capable of removing debris from the land and stores it. By its design, it has an advanced method of digging through the soil and making the process simple, cleaner, and effective without causing disruption.  



Powerful lightweight designs with

4-wheel drive capabilities.


We have more than 25 years of experience in the design of tooling and processes for the gas distribution utility industry.



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