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Wet and Dry Vacuum Excavation Trucks
for Underground Utility Locating

Why Tellus's Range of Wet and Dry Vacuum Excavation Trucks for underground Utility Locating is Better

Our trucks are equipped with innovative technologies that offer new benefits for underground utility locating. Here are some of them.

2-in-1 Excavation Trucks

Tellus vacuum excavation trucks come with both high-pressure water and compressed air excavation systems. With this innovative technology, operators no longer need to choose the excavation system for soil conditions at each job site.

Zero Maintenance Filtration System

Most excavation trucks make use of traditional filters that pile on dirt and restrict vacuum flow. This occurs regularly, requiring the filters to be removed and cleaned to keep the vacuum system at an operational level. With Tellus trucks, there's zero need for filter cleaning.

No Downtime

There's perhaps no industry where time management and fast project completion are valued than the utility locating sector.

Underground utilities need to be located as fast as possible for projects to move on and services to be restored to consumers. With trucks using traditional filters, this may be farfetched. Filters will get loaded with dirt, requiring maintenance and forcing you to shut down.

With Tellus wet and dry vacuum excavation trucks for underground utility locating, water and dirt cannot cake on the surface of the filter, ensuring that excavation continues non-stop. You only stop when you take a break.


Granted, traditional vacuum excavators are cost-efficient. But Tellus trucks give cost-efficiency a whole new meaning. Our trucks are not only competitively priced, but they also offer lower operational costs due to their in-built innovative technologies.

First off, the cost of filter maintenance is eliminated, enabling you to save on maintenance. Also, our trucks are very fuel-efficient, ensuring you spend less on fuel, helping you maximize profit and enabling you offer prices that better your competitors'.

Customized Trucks

As experienced designers and engineers, we have the expertise to put together a system for your specific need at a price you never imagined.

Meet Our Range of Wet and Dry Vacuum Excavation Trucks

We offer various wet and dry vacuum excavation trucks for underground utility locating for sale!

Our range of trucks includes the trailer-mounted vacuum excavation truck system with a John Deere 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with maximum Torque of 218 lbs.-ft. at 1400 RPM. The Tut-5500 model has a 58-gal diesel fuel tank and many other features. Also available are the TUT-6500, TUT-7500, and TUT-2001.

With Tellus Trucks, underground utility locating just got better. Get in touch with us today.



Powerful lightweight designs with

4-wheel drive capabilities.


We have more than 25 years of experience in the design of tooling and processes for the gas distribution utility industry.



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