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Our computer controlled filtration system is fitted with ultra-high efficiency (0.9 miron) filters that will protect the vacuum producer and prevent fine dust from exhausting into the surrounding environment.  This patented technology will allow the filtration system to run for years without touching the filters and is only available on Tellus vacuum excavation systems.


Conventional filters restrict vacuum flow as they become loaded with dirt and must be removed from the system to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep the vacuum system flowing at an acceptable level. It may be a day or a week but all conventional filters will blind off to a point where excavating must stop and the filter must be cleaned. With the Tellus system the operator never sees a reduction in performance from one day to the next. The vacuum system will operate at the same high level of performance day after day for a minimum of one year. 


While the dry excavation process allows the excavated soil to be reused to back-fill the hole, it can be difficult to excavate hard “clay-type” soils. Conversely, water jet (hydro-excavation) demands that all excavated material be removed from the work site and dry backfill material utilized to restore the excavation. All Tellus vacuum excavation systems are designed to excavate wet or dry.


The cost to purchase a vacuum excavation system and the cost to operate that system are two of the most important factors you should examine when considering the purchase of a vacuum truck or trailer. Fully capable Tellus vacuum excavation systems are engineered to be lighter and therefore can be mounted on lighter, less expensive vehicles. You will also find that after you have made your decision to purchase a new machine, fuel cost will become your most important cost of ownership. You will be amazed at the fuel efficiency that a fully capable Tellus system will deliver.

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